If you are looking for good music with meaningful lyrics without a lot of hype, you've come to the right place. Since 1988, the Jericho Road Crew has offered a variety of music both Christian and secular, from different genres: from gospel to celtic, country to rock and roll. The music is always full of fun, harmonies and hope, lofty lyrics and love.

We hope you'll consider the Jericho Road Crew for any family-friendly event. While the Road Crew has made a point of offering music to appeal to a wide audience, we hope that churches will keep us in mind for special music during your regular Sunday service. Contact us to schedule a performance at your church or event.

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Moonlight Harvest

Moonlight Harvest

Our latest album, "Moonlight Harvest", is our first offering of all original music. Every song comes from the heart.


"...The majority of the album's lyrical content feels more like a profession of faith than condemnation of sinners or an attempt to convert us heathens. ...they accomplish a feat as rare in secular music as it is in Jesus rock: They make their point simply and humbly."

--Dan Bolles, Seven Days

"As the music director at a Christian radio station, I get a lot of independent artists' CDs sent to me. ...every once in a while I find a gem on my desk and "Moonlight Harvest" is definitely one of them."

Bob Pierce,
Morning Host & Program Manager
The Light Radio Network
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